A Travel Guide: Tea Houses in China

China is well-known for its gathering place, the teahouse. In the beginning, these houses were widespread throughout the nation. In present times, the Sichuan province is the only place where teahouses play a vital role in people’s daily life.

However, teahouses are slowly expanding in other parts of China too. Places like Shanghai, Beijing, and, Suzhou. While visiting Sichuan, you’ll come across three areas: office, home, and teahouse.

Sichuan: Land of Abundance

The land of wealth or a land of Abundance, Sichuan is considered as the origin of teahouses, due to the geographic characteristics of the province. Surrounded by mountains, it is rich in resources. People belonging to Sichuan link this isolation with their lifestyle. Along with tea, people’s devotion is also with food.

Consuming tea goes perfectly with spicy food in Sichuan. It is the important regions for the production of tea in China. There are 10 top Sichuan teahouses that promote the Chinese tea culture through the abundance of teahouses.

No tea tastes better than a Chinese tea. It’s the Sichuan where the Chinese tea culture is better represented. While, traveling to China, don’t miss Sichuan and these amazing ten places for a better cup of tea.

  1. Wangye Temple: King of Sichuan Teahouses, it is a great place housed with the ochre-colored walls. Perched with different flavored tea, you can enjoy memorable time here.
  2. Heming Teahouse: The capital city of Sichuan, this Heming teahouse is situated in Chengdu. Encircled by a small lake, people, especially elderly ones love to spend time by sipping the tea and chatting with friends.
  3. Huanhou Palace: Situated in Zigong, it is the fabulous teahouse in an 1868 butcher’s guildhall. This palace is the hugely imposing stone portico, which is the most dramatic entrance to any teahouse in China.
  4. Tibetan Restaurant: It is a teahouse in camouflage. It is a perfect tourist location. With its beautiful interiors and wonderful décor, it is all time Tibetan teahouses.
  5. Pingle: Pingle does not consist of a single teahouse, there are many. All are lined-up along the riverside in the ancient city of Pingle. You can enjoy a finest tea with the traditional tea sets.
  6. Yingyue Tea Garden: For a fresh mind and splendid time, there is a better place than a Yingyue tea garden in Songpan. Enjoy the traditional scenario by sitting on a bamboo chair and tables.
  7. Tibetan Culture Dew: A great place to hang out, Kangding represent the Chinese tea culture through Tibetan Culture Dew. Every type of tea is available here for the good taste.
  8. Yue Liu Teahouse: Considered as the best teahouse in Chengdu, Yue Liu is a simple teahouse in weekdays, but on weekends it holds a great scenario welcoming the people to sip a flavor of good.
  9. River Viewing Pavilion Park: A park near Sichuan University is known for its bamboo and characteristics over 150 varieties. It follows a traditional Chinese tea culture.
  10. Shangqing Temple: Designed in a different way, Shangqing temple in Qingcheng Shan is amongst the trees. A lovely teahouse in a temple welcomes every guest to experience a great scenario with a tasty tea cup.

Make your next time China trip amazing with amazing teahouses.