Discover an amazing treasure from China’s deep tea making roots

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The Source

Pu Erh tea is the family business for 6 Mountains founder Kennedy Yeung. Son of esteemed Pu Erh collector Bai Shui Qing, Mr. Yeung is from the royal family of Pu Erh tea collecting. Continuing in the traditions laid down by his father, Mr Yeung has formed a tea company centered around the core values of tradition, excellence, and authenticity. The relationship between 6 Mountains and Pu Erh tea in China run deep. The benefits of this relationship is to be enjoyed by tea drinkers, who demand the best the tea world has to offer.

In China, all things come down to relationships. As a company, we feel a great sense of responsibility to our customers. What we offer them in terms of products are, afterall, a reflection on ourselves. We take great care to ensure the best possible experience of this tea, one which is so highly prized and so very worthy of esteem.


Why 6 Mountains?

Experience the difference that quality and authenticity make to your tea experience. 6 Mountains represents a new standard, offering access to quality Pu Erh tea. From the past hundred years of production. Alongside these formidable offerings, we are introducing systems to ensure the authenticity of all our tea bricks and tea cakes, whether they be antique or from our own house brand. Whether investing in Pu Erh tea as a commodity, a health tonic, or sensory experience, with 6 Mountains you can be sure to get exactly what you pay for — the best.

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Contact us for information regarding wholesaling and distribution. We welcome all those who share our vision of expanding the culture and awareness of Pu Erh tea throughout the world.

6 Mountains supplies superior quality loose leaf and brick teas from our own house brand. We also offer sourcing services — as tea hunters — for virtually any vintage from all of the major and obscure tea houses throughout the past century.

The company

Based in Vancouver, Canada, 6 Mountains brings the world of fine Pu Erh tea to the doorstep of the world. Primarily a wholesaler, 6 Mountain acts as a bridge between the highly insular world of fine Chinese tea and the international market. 6 Mountains is the best choice for sourcing both modern era, vintage, and antique Pu Erh. Our mission centers around sharing the experience of this extraordinary tea with the world, lending a voice to the cultural significance of traditional Chinese tea and to providing authentic, quality products to the consumer. The world of fine tea can be challenging to navigate without a trusted guide, we offer our services in connecting our customers with the some of the best teas in the world.

Pu Erh

 Pu Erh refers to the region from which these teas originate — much like bordeaux or port. Pu Erh is a post-fermented black tea, offering sensory experience and health benefits which eclipse most other varieties of tea. It is for these reasons and more that Pu Erh has been dubbed the king of teas by experts. 

Pu Erh tea is meant to be aged — some examples being upwards of 150 years old. The longer a high quality Pu Erh tea ages, the more subtle and refined its flavour, the more far-reaching the health benefits, and the more penetrating the experience.  Each vintage, batch, pot and steeping is different. It is, an ever unfolding treasure trove of experience. For these reasons and more, the best examples of these teas enjoy close to mythic status in Chinese culture.


The recorded history of Pu Erh goes back a thousand years, being celebrated by poets, scholars, emperors and merchants alike. The tea trees of Yunnan province, China, are the oldest tea trees on earth and are the fountainhead of all subsequent tea production in China. The oldest trees are well over a thousand years old.

Part of the cultural heritage of the world. It is history that you can drink. One senses the age and majesty of this proud tea tradition in every cup.  Times past call out to you from within every pot of tea, bidding you to slow down and take a step back in appreciation of life.