A couple of weeks back at the Vancouver tea festival we met Marianne. Marianne was into doing Kambucha — later saying she had cultures going in every room in her house. Trying the tea she loved the earthiness of it and wanted to test it out on her scobies.

We meet Marianne on the rooftop parkade of a grocery store near Cambie st. We were to pass along a fresh supply of Pu-Erh for her and her circle of Kambucha brewers, and taste the results her experiment.

The Kambucha from the 2010 brick and the grade 1 leaf tea were complimentary but distinct — one more citrus and the other more plum. Marianne reported that her scobie loved the tea and had grown two-fold in the last two weeks.

Pu-Erh and Kambucha, a union of fermented superfoods that produces an amazing and delicious result.