The intention we set in preparing tea goes a long way to determining the quality of our tea soup.

There are no perfect teas and there are no imperfect teas. Though the degree to which you look toward the perfected aspect of a tea, the better your experience will be. Such an attitude will also speed up progress in the art of tea appreciation.

Looking to the positive aspects of a given tea will help you to identify what it is that makes up a good tea — in the experience of many tea specialists — itwill lead you find these qualities with greater and greater frequency in other teas.

The best teas are reflected, to one degree or another, in even the humblest of teas.

The face of this mysterious leaf has moved the earth and launched more than ten thousand ships. Unwaivering respect for it, is our passport to true connoisseurship, to tea consciousness, tea drunkeness, Tao etc…