Amazing Facts About Chinese Tea

The refreshing frames of mindsets the entire day fine. This is what a Chinese culture represents through its famous tea. Tea culture in China differs from other countries and is famous for its great infusion of dried leaves, flowers, and sprouts of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Today, Chinese tea is the world’s famous beverage that is consumed next to water. Here are some amazing facts about Chinese tea.

Every year Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival is conducted in Chinese Megalopolis. This festival represents the ancient culture about the tea where visitors come to buy and taste different forms of Chinese tea. But, where does a tea is generated? What is the role of Chinese tea leaves? Though, it not a question to ask, but you should know about its value.

Thus, to fascinate more about tea leaves, let’s have a walk to the Chinese tea farming through these five amazing facts:

  • It was an era of the 10th century where the tea consumption takes place for the first time. But, it is heard by the Chinese legends that it was discovered 2737 BC by Emperor Shennong. Further, when tea leaves were put to boil, he tasted and found refreshing. Also famous as “Emperor of the Five Grains”, he was credited with inventing plows, axes, hoes, and digging wells.
  • India is known for the largest tea drinking country. But, China is the largest tea producing country tossing out the 30% of the world’s supply. The four main tea-producing areas in China having special kinds of leaves are:
  • Jiangnan districts
  • Jiang Ej
  • Southern China
  • Southwest provinces
  • Every Chinese tea leaf differs in shape and size. Smaller the leaf, more valuable it is. The most expensive cup of tea is served at approx $ 200. Small leaves have an accurate amount of extracts derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant (also known as Green Tea Extract). Also, teas bushes are fertilized with panda waste as it preserves many nutrients found in pandas eat bamboo.
  • Tea culture is drifting in China since ancient times. Therefore, you can found the oldest cultivated tea trees in the mystical forests of the Southwestern Yunnan zone, which is also known as the “land of tea”. It is said that there also exists a tree more than 32, 00 years old.
  • Either morning time or evening, Chinese people love to start it with a cup of tea. Even, they consume it as a beverage during meal times. Not only this, there held a tea party too. But on the other hand, they are still used for medicines from ancient times. Thus, there are 1000 varieties of tea available.

Popular all around the world, tea has become an important part of daily life. After China, it has become a staple in many countries. Howsoever, the healthiest one is Chinese tea and rests are always your choices. All major facts of Chinese tea and leaves are derived from its long and interesting history.

In China, there is a famous ritual known as Kung Fu Tea ceremony that aims are making the tea as tasty as possible.