Popularity of Chinese Tea in America

Without losing any opportunity that America’s economic woes on China and considering unfair trade policies, the fortunes of the free world and Middle kingdom becomes extremely tangled. But, how does it all get started? Well, American people are worth to rely on coffee since 1773.

Because of the US-China trade, the history of tea trade is a mesmerizing story of culture exchange, adventure, and wealth. Though, many Americans gave up the tea, but still majority craved it. It was the overwhelming demand that motivated many people freely to sip Chinese tea as their top beverage.

How Chinese Tea Symbolizes A Great Demand In America?

It was a beautiful morning of the year 1784 when the first American trade ship to China set sail from New York. A different style to hold on, there was an enormous demand in China. All about the maiden voyage was symbolic. For representing the 13 states, a 13-gun salute was fired on the birthday of George Washington, 22 Feb.

At the time of tea harvest where the Empress reached Canton after six months, the Chinese merchants were curious about the “foreign devils” to get a new form. There was a warm and friendly nature between the individual American traders and Chinese merchants. This leads friendly and tempestuous relations as the overall voyage was successful.

Therefore, many family members stay in touch with tea in their daily routine since the 20th Century. Further, tea consumption reached to an annual of 3 million pounds in the US.

Chinese Tea Innovation in Its Accessories

After the triumphed settlement of tea trade, the tea sets, punch bowls, and porcelain ware started importing and become the wisest choice among the top Chinaware. The porcelain has its uses like stabilizing ships loaded with light cargoes of dried tea leaves.

Presently, America imported more and exported less from China. Traders are finding it efficient in exchanging the tea commodities. A tea brings an elevated trade that result in getting people their effective tea in their nearby place. Though, many hassles appear in-between, but the tea trade started popularizing among the people for their healthy lifestyle.

Thus, in modern times, you can look for the great Chinese culture through the tea accessories that are available in various forms in the US. Therefore, China cultures woes around for people to experience something new in a different style.

So, in a busy schedule, a cup of tea is playing a crucial role in making people love with Chinese tea. With its effective benefits, people are enrolling to its daily use as it loses weight, freshen the mind, enhance the skin, and diminish the diseases. There are many more benefits depending upon the various tea types. You are well-familiar with the tea types and their purposes. Chinese tea is extending with different phases in many regions and countries.

Hence, to start a day, think with the name of Chinese tea that you want to sip.