How Effective Is Chinese Tea For Weight Loss?

Who don’t want to lose weight? For different reasons, you are always keen to look for weight-loss tips. Many of you try a variety of techniques and exercises to achieve results. But, not every time, you are successful in getting the results.

There is no doubt that losing weight is a complex process. Generally, it depends on three major things: healthy foods, workouts, and positivity. This routine guarantees the results. But, apart from this, regular drinking of Chinese tea also provides the efficient results.

Nature of Chinese Teas

Chinese tea is a port of many useful elements that are useful for the body. Most important elements are caffeine, polyphenols, tannins, minerals, essential oils, and vitamins. Drinking tea is a Chinese culture. Beneficial to health, it stabilizes the cardiovascular system, increase mental capacity, stimulates the nervous system, contradicts acts exhaustion, normalizes metabolism, removes toxins from body, boosts human vivacity, and refresh the whole body.

These efficient properties lead to burn fat from your body. However, you won’t rely completely on Chinese tea as you have to follow healthy routine too. Along with Chinese tea, it is essential to have healthy eating and daily exercise.

To start with a weight-loss method, here are some varieties of Chinese tea that are suitable for shedding kilos:

Puer Tea

Originated from Yunnan province and is the best tea that gets better with time by storing it for several years in special scenarios. Two types of Pu-er are Sheng (raw green) and Shu (mature). They contain unique properties of losing fats and promoting weight reduction.

Puer reduces the acidity of the stomach and stimulates the metabolism. While drinking it, it does not stop digestive enzymes from functioning making Puer beneficial for intestinal microflora. Also, it reduces cholesterol and blood sugar.

For good results, you must drink Puer after meals, at least 2 cups a day.

White Tea

White tea is a high-grade Chinese tea produced mainly in Fujian province. It has a lot of nutrients that is extremely rich in vitamins having a large contribution to digestion. Boosting the immune system, it has great effects on the cardiovascular system.

When it comes to diet program, it contains relatively a small percentage of caffeine and is rich in catechins. Catechin is a substance that creates the process of thermogenesis. It prevents the creation of new fat cells and the appearance of fatty tissues and even burns the new formed fat cells.

For quick results, white tea should be taken 3 times a day i.e. a cup after every 3-time meal.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea that preserves the new zest of green tea. Its taste is distinct characterizing many red teas. Thus, Oolong is in between red and green teas.

Drinking Oolong tea has effective changes on the entire body. It has a lot of essential chemical compounds. Considered as a natural home remedy, it also contains biologically active substances, known as polyphenols. They capably digest fat and eradicate it from the body.

It is scientifically proven that Oolong tea is more beneficial than green tea. Supporting the metabolic process, it helps burning up to 157% more calories than green tea. For better results, drink 3 cups a day.

It doesn’t matter, which Chinese tea you select for a weight-loss program, it should always be followed daily.

“It’s simple to lose weight- just pick your cup of tea.”