Have a cup of tea and then the day get started in China. The top tea cultural cities have two categories, first, having tea-growing areas and second, areas having history and culture both. Tea drinking is admired all over China and has different types. It is the scenic mountainous view that makes the tea-farming region attractive.

Whenever you plan to visit China, don’t miss the chance to drink the local tea where you’ll get all the knowledge about it along. Thus, have a look at the cities of China where Chinese tea produced in high proportion:

Chinese Tea Farming

  • Huangshan

Located in Central East China, Huangshan is the number one tea culture city for several reasons. Here teas like Green Tea, Black tea, and flower tea are famous. Further, teas name like Yellow Mountain Furry tip, Yellow Mountain Tribute, and Keemun Black that welcome every visitor with their high-quality taste.

  • Hangzhou

The most famous tea in Hangzhou is Dragon Well. Located in East China, on the Pacific, the type is Green tea. One of most famous and China’s No. 1 tea is West Lake Dragon Well tea, found in the southwest of Hangzhou city. This type of tea has been enjoyed for over 1, 000 years.

  • Suzhou

Suzhou city, situated in the East China is famous to grow green tea. People are in love with Green spiral tea and are refreshing their mind with many classy “cuppa” over many years. Your journey to China would be incomplete without wandering the tea gardens that emperors a Suzhou tour.

  • Quanzhou

Taste the delicious and specially prepared Iron Goddess and Fujian Jasmine tea with your friends and family only in China. Also, here Oolong tea comes with a fresh and mellow taste for summer drinking. Flower tea like Fujian Jasmine tea provides the natural essence of enjoying its every sip.

  • Xishuangbanna

A major tea-growing area that has refreshing tea leaves of Post-fermented or dark tea type. The famous Puer tea is tried in different ways that generate delicate flavors representing the Chinese tea culture.

Tea is drunk mostly all over China and is prepared in different styles providing the great essence to Chinese people.