Chinese Tea and Food Pairing

How many of you love to have a cup of tea in the morning? Of course, many of you do. But, many of you would like to have it with snacks too. The best pairing of food with Chinese tea can be actually a compliment.

Tea is a very resourceful brew. There are different teas originated from various regions varying aromas, flavors, regions, undertones, and more that can be quite easy to pair off. Even, different types of tea came from the Camellia Sinensis plant are Green tea, oolong tea, white tea, black, and Pu-er tea. Also, there are herbal infusions called tisanes and are free from caffeine. It helps in good food pairing that has a nutty and sweet taste.

If you are pairing tea with your favorite dish, then you must know that growing Camellia Sinensis plant is like producing wine. It boils to well cultivation, processing, and plucking.

While pairing a tea, consider the region or area from where the spicy food is. Even, if you want to highlight the unique taste of the food, select the tea according to it. Establish a pair that ends with a good snack time or any meal time.

Therefore, here is the basic menu that you can add to pair with the Chinese tea:

  • Pick your favorite meal and enjoy it appetizingly with a tea at your home or restaurant.
  • It is best to pair processed tea like Black tea with pungent foods. The motive here is to drive out the enduring taste in your mouth after you have taken the meals like curries, meat dishes, and definite desserts.
  • Some foods are often paired with the Chinese tea are tarts, cucumber sandwiches, and scones. They go perfectly with tea parties.
  • Pairing a Cinnamon tea with an apple tart is delicious to savor. Going little sweet with spicy tea is pleasurable.
  • Taste the Tung Ting Oolong that brings out the flavor of Muenster and Brie cheeses with Dragon Well tea for a perfect pair to enjoy.
  • Having a Tuna Salad? Sip a lemon green tea as pairing with lemon flavor goes perfectly with mayo and celery.
  • Shellfish dishes are best to serve the Se Chung tea during the evening snack time.
  • If you are a meat lover, then you have a great choice. Sandwiches prepared of beef, bacon, lamb, and fried chicken well with Yunnan tea are the best options. Don’t overwhelm the taste as the pairs are good.

Thus, make your tea time enjoyable with the above-mentioned pairs. There is no perfect or wrong way to serve this beautiful beverage.